John Barrett is a third degree black belt under the Chuck Norris system.  When Mr. Norris closed his South Bay school in the 70s due to his burgeoning film career, students looked to Mr. Barrett to keep the system going.  JBAMA was the result.

Mr. Barrett modified the original system, blending more natural movements that are safer on joints and tendons as well as blending other martial arts styles (like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) into the mix.

For 40 years, the JBAMA system has been taught in the South Bay and thousands of students have been trained in it.  If you know how to walk and run, then you can learn JBAMA as it is based off those most simple and natural motions that our bodies have naturally developed and fine tuned.

There are many martial arts schools.  With JBAMA, we provide not only a system for self defense and discipline, but we pride ourselves in working with the unique gifts and challenges that each student has.  Over our 40 year history, our training curriculum and teaching techniques have evolved to be both robust and flexible in order to engage and challenge each student.

We always offer a free trial class so that you can get a sense of our approach and get to know our instructors so you can make as informed a decision as possible.  Your martial arts school is not just about location and convenience but a community that encourages and supports the student to be the best they can be.