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John Barrett American Martial Arts - A hybrid system of martial arts including karate, kickboxing,
 jui-jitsu, mixed martial arts (MMA) and Pure Method Cardio kickboxing.


John Barrett American Martial Arts (JBAMA) is a very progressive and natural self-defense oriented school. The system is based on fluid and natural movements using body, hands and feet. The aim is to develop talents which are easily applied in real life situations. The style is best described as a hybrid system of the most effective martial arts incorporated into one.

JBAMA has been teaching martial arts in the South Bay for over 3 decades. The school has very unique programs designed for young children from ages 2 years old and up. Classes are seperated into 4 major groups. The Toddler class is for the youngest students 2-3 years of age; while the PeeWee classes focus on teaching the 4 to 6 year old children. Both classes teach basic body coordination skills including running, jumping, skipping, rolling, blocking, punching, kicking, etc. The Junior classes, designed for kids between 6 and 14 years of age, are built upon unique hand and foot coordination drills which evolve into complex attacking and defense combinations. Junior classes include karate, jui-jitsu and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) sessions. The Adult classes are geared toward conditioning and strength training while incorporation all aspects of self-defense, including kickboxing, jui-jitsu and MMA .  

"The best instructor I've ever had in my system." --Chuck Norris

John Barrett: martial arts action star & world renown instructor
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John Barrett, owner and head instructor, trained directly under Chuck Norris. Mr. Barrett currently holds his third-degree black belt under Mr. Norris' system and a sixth degree black belt in the current American Martial Arts System. He has been training in martial arts since 1972 and brings a wealth of teaching experience to both children and adults.

KARATE, KICK BOXING, JIU-JITSU, MIXED MARTIAL ARTS (MMA) and PURE METHOD CARDIO..A hybrid system of the most effective martial arts incorporated into one. Classes available for ADULTS and CHILDREN ages 3 and up. Teaching SELF DEFENSE in the South Bay area for over 3 decades.

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The elements that we teach are taken from many different disciplines from around the world:



  • JUDO





The common denominator in all of these areas are the motor skills used in walking and running. This program allows for less thought, more spontaneous reaction and ensures that all limb work together in the normal walk/run mode.

Mr. Barrett & Mr. Mosher


Along with the physical aspects of the art, we work with the achievement of self discipline, self respect, self confidence and the development of a strong positive "I can do it" attitude.  Obtaining these attributes are equally important to both children and adults, and they often crossover into all areas of life. Many child psychologists and counselors throughout the South Bay refer children to our program because of the emotional and psychological benefits they receive through the program. We also frequently receive comments from parents who observe remarkable improvements in their children at home and in school. We believe the key to learning is to ensure that the students are always having FUN!

Our minds are more receptive when we are enjoying  what we are doing. Our overall objective is the development of physically, mentally and emotionally balanced human beings. Students of all ages are welcome at John Barrett American Martial Arts studio. We prefer children to be four years of age or older before beginning a program, however, exceptions can be made upon consultation with the instructor.

Parents and students speak out about their training and experiences at JBAMA.

"My son Cory has been coming to John Barrett American Martial Arts for 2 years. It has been tremendous for him, not only with discipline, balance, and agility, but it has been phenomenal for him to be around all ages of children."
--Carie Hutchison

"Karate has been a wonderful experience for our son, Greg. It has given him great confidence and self-assurance. Karate has taught him respect for himself and others, and has allowed our son to practice responsibility and develop a strong work ethic. He no longer looks to blame others for problems; instead he takes responsibility and creates solutions."
--Rob & Karen Wareham

"Our son Mark has been coming here for three years and in that time I�ve seen his self-confidence grow and he has respect for others. His discipline is much better and what I love about the studio is all those character traits are developed in a way where they still have fun and we appreciate that."
--Pascal & Carolyn Finkenbeiner

"John Barrett loves his work and is committed to each and every student. His dedication and enthusiasm is very evident and he portrays a great role model for the students. His enthusiasm is contagious and the students rise to successful expectations because of him."
--Robin Potchka

"I love the aerobic kickboxing class--it combines a great cardio workout with practical, technical self-defense instruction, My favorite part is putting on my gear and applying what we've learned on the bags and on each other. I look forward to class every week!"
--Angela Rae

"For the nine months that Madison has participated in John Barrett American Martial Arts, she has enjoyed skill based martial arts activities with Mr. Barrett. Her grades and confidence have increased considerably. John's discipline program has aided in Madison�s cross training, and has allowed her to medal in four 5 K's during the same period. The children and families at JBAMA have become like a second family for our own East family."
--Scott & Jo Ann East

"We are so happy with the classes and the studio. I can't praise it enough! You have a gift for working with children that I have not often seen in most adults who work with children. You treat them with respect and by doing that you teach them to respect others. My son is so proud of his belt and his accomplishments."
--Madeline Molis

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