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John Barrett American Martial Arts - A hybrid system of martial arts including karate, kickboxing,
 jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts and Pure Method Cardio kickboxing.


Congratulations to our new Black Belts


Mathew Mizuguchi

1st Degree Junior Black

Brett Mastick

2nd Degree Junior Black

Nicolas Silva

1st Degree Junior Black


Next Test Date: Sat., November 16th
The following Test Candidates are being considered for JBAMA's next Promotional Belt Test. Final approval by the instructors is required to participate in the Promotional Test. Several things are considered prior to rendering approval for test candidates; including training hours since last promotion, skills required for testing belt rank, consistency in attendance and status of program payments.
Purple/White Yellow 1st Degree Green
Liam Cody
Kylee Lightfoot
Danielle Michalak
Emily Parsons
Kaden Storm
Madison Storm
Dominic Boich
Ruby Lightfoot
Landen Lightfoot
Tyler Anderson
Purple/Black Orange 2nd Degree Green
    Michelle Barrow
Rachel Barrow
Jessica Ho
Jenna Ho
Purple Blue 1st Degree Red
Bronson Gaunt
Nammy Monlika
Lauren Quan
Emily Quan
Dylan Mabry
Caleb Tedder
John Benson
  2nd Degree Red  
Congratulations to all our newly promoted students in our September  2013 Promotional Tests
  Purple/White Belt: Chloe Howard, Dylan Snustead, Claire Yang
 Purple Belt: Austin Drake, Bobby Drake, Ruben Sandoval, Ernesto Vazquez  
 Yellow Belt: Vanessa Barrow
 Orange Belt: Hannah Hockensmith, Haley Hockensmith
 Blue Belt: Sam Hyman, Eduardo Silva
 2nd Degree Green Belt: Stuart Gunn
  1st Degree Red Belt: Becca Parsons  
   2nd Degree Red Belt: Melia Ewing, Paige Mastick, Kaili Oshiro, Evan Zhou
Congratulations to all our newly promoted students in our August 31st 2013 Promotional Test
 Purple/White Belt: Elia Vazquez
 Purple/Black Belt: Cera Kim
 Orange Belt: Connor Funt
 Blue Belt: Shawn Klein
 2nd Degree Green Belt: Mia Funt
 2nd Degree Red Belt: David Atkinson 

August 2013: Congratulations to Megan Anzai, Kyle Anzai and Kaley Anzai in their stellar performance at the North American Jiu-jitsu Tournament!


Kaley took 3rd Place in Gi & No-Gi Competetion
Megan took 1st Place in No-Gi and 2nd Place in Gi Competetion
Kyle took 2nd Place in No-Gi and 4th Place in Gi Competetion

Kaley, Kyle and Megan entered and bravely fought in the North American Jiu-Jitsu tournament last weekend. For their first attempt, they were amazing. Watching from the sidelines, we witnessed Kaley face two larger and older opponents both Saturday and again on Sunday. She never quit and did not shut down for an instant. Even when she was having difficulty with her hearing aides being ground into her little ears from the aggressor, she braved the pressure. It was very moving to watch her struggle and defend against the larger opponents, avoiding arm bars and chock-outs. Again on Sunday, she nearly turned the fight around after several attempts by the larger and older boy's arm bars and chokes. She escaped his mount and nearly mounted him just as the time bell rang. Kaley ended up taking 3sup>rd Place in both the Gi and NoGi competitions.

On Sunday, Kyle fought in the NoGi competition. In his first fight he weathered storm after storm until his opponent managed to score a choke. Whereas Kyle did not win that battle he showed incredible intelligence and skill. Kyle's second match lasted for an entire 16 minutes going into sudden death after the first four minute round. Kyle's concentration and perseverance was amazing. He never lost focus and avoided every attempt from his opponent who managed to hold guard for the entire time. Kyle's instincts were excellent and correct. Both fighters were exhausted when finally his opponent managed to score a take-down. It was a touch and go situation the whole time. Kyle took 2nd Place in the NoGi competition and 4th Place in the Gi competition.

Megan's Gi competition on Saturday was amazing as she fought three times and won 2nd Place by beating her second opponent with an amazing triangle choke and extended the girls arm into a near arm bar from the triangle position. It was text book. Even though she fought three exhausting times that day she managed to maintain focus while displaying advanced skills. She again faced the same opponent the following day in the NoGi competition. Her grueling fight went into overtime �Sudden Death� as the girl held Megan in her guard the entire time of the first round. In overtime, Megan managed to cradle and secure the girls head in a Muay Thai clinch, and bulldogged her down for the take-down win. Again...amazing!

We all are very proud of the Anzai's for their incredible courage and skill display!

JULY 2013
Congratulations to all our newly promoted students in our July 27th 2013 Promotional Test
 Purple Belts: Vanessa Barrow, Dominic Boich, Landen Lightfoot, Ruby Lightfoot
 Yellow Belt: Curinne Jenkins
 Orange Belt: Kaley Anzai
 Blue Belt: Daniel Zhou
 1st Degree Green Belt: Elena Atkinson, Michelle Barrow, Rachel Barrow
 2nd Degree Green Belt: Megan Anzai

 1st Degree Red Belt: Kyle Anzai, Mason McElroy, Dylan Michalak 
  Photos by Kyle Borden  



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