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JBAMA offers a variety of programs in karate/Kick Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Pure Method Cardio Kick Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, basic self-defense and weapons training.

Karate / Kick Boxing

This program is designed for both children and adults. It teaches basic to advanced self-defense skills through the development of  the motor skills utilized in walking and running. Basic to advanced drills are taught to develop fluid motion while utilizing the natural exchange of limbs.

The instruction covers blocking, punching, kicking, rolling, reactionary drills, attacking drills, sparring and forms.

The courses are offered Monday thru Saturday with Pee Wee, Junior and Adult classes. The initial program is a 3-month commitment  with either a 2-day per week or up to 6-day per week training option.

Belt rank is achieved by testing to demonstrate learned skills. The school holds testing one Saturday per month. Students who are ready to test will be invited to attend. All spectators are encouraged to come and watch.


The Ranking System is as follows:

  • White Belt

  • Purple Belt/White Stripe (Youths)

  • Purple Belt/Black Stripe (Youths)

  • Purple Belt

  • Yellow Belt

  • Orange Belt

  • Blue Belt

  • Green Belt/White Stripe

  • Green Belt

  • Red Belt/White Stripe

  • Red Belt

  • Black Belt/White Stripe (Youths)

  • Black Belt/Red Stripe (Youths)

  • 1st Degree Black Belt

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt

  • 3rd Degree Black Belt

  • ...etc.

Pure Method Cardio Kick Boxing

This program utilizes the aspects of a cardiovascular workout while emphasizing the importance of self-defense and proper kickboxing techniques. The student will achieve a vigorous cardio workout and will learn knowledge from basic to advanced kickboxing moves, as well as strength training and moderate sparring exercises. The entire system has been engineered to help students achieve their fitness goals in a safe, healthy environment while using proper form and technique. The moves are learned with the ease of normal walking and running. An added benefit is increased self-confidence and a greater sense of personal security.

Classes meet Monday thru Friday. Gloves, hand wraps and sparring gear are available at the school.


Recognizing the importance of grappling as a part of a well balanced self-defense system, JBAMA has integrated the art of Jiu-Jitsu into it's martial arts programs.  Students learn proper sweeping and take-down maneuvers and a multitude of strategies to employ in ground fighting.

Classes currently meet on Thursday for Adult students and on Friday for Juniors.  Jiu-Jitsu uniform is required and available at the school.

Mixed Martial Arts

JBAMA offers a Mixed Martial Arts class for students enrolled in Black Belt programs. MMA classes focus on the integration of karate, kickboxing and jui-jitsu skills. The class aims at building a complete self-defense skill set from stand-up to take-downs to final submission holds.

Weapons Training

This program is available on a seasonal basis and includes bow staff, Chinese sword, and other weapons training. All classes are safety conscious. Only available to students already enrolled in any of the above programs. Approximately four lessons per month.

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